Look, I’m not someone who’s ever going to turn down FREE SOUP.  But this MIGHT be the one case where I’d pass.

A woman in New York City just tweeted out a post that someone made on her neighborhood message board.  And we’ll just let it speak for itself . . .

Quote, “Someone keeps delivering soup to my house with a note that says ‘soup for my perfect little soup boy.’  I appreciate the free food but I don’t like soup.  Please stop.”

First: Who doesn’t like soup? It’s liquid comfort. Second: This is incredibly creepy. As much as I like soup, I find it hard to believe that I would feel comfortable accepting free food from a stranger, especially one who calls me a “perfect little soup boy.”

As far as we know, the source of the soup is still a mystery . . . and it’s also unclear what makes the guy getting the soup a, quote, “perfect little soup boy.”

If or why this person deserves soup torture is a mystery, one we may never know the answer to.