You know everyone in the world is WAY too on edge when fights are even breaking out at the SYMPHONY.

Last week, the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra was performing Gustav Mahler’s “Fifth Symphony” in Sweden.  What?  You didn’t know that?  You’re SO uncultured.  I almost flew there for it.

Anyway, during one quiet part with just the string instruments, a woman in the balcony RUSTLED a bag of gum.  And that made a guy behind her so upset that he grabbed the bag away from her and threw it on the floor.

Well, right when the symphony ended, the woman turned to the guy . . . and SMACKED him in the face, which knocked off his glasses.  Then the man who was there with the woman started PUNCHING the guy.

One person who was sitting behind them called it, quote, “very unpleasant.”

There’s no word on whether the cops came and arrested anyone . . . but I DO know the concert hall issued a statement reminding people of their etiquette guidelines.  Which, I assume, includes both “no loud food” AND “no punching.”