There’s something weirdly satisfying about popping pimples.  But if you like that popping sensation so much that the AUTHORITIES need to INTERVENE, maybe it’s time to pump the brakes.

The cops in Florida got a call about a domestic situation at a house on Saturday.

And when they got there, they found out what the fight was about:  A 75-year-old guy and his 55-year-old wife were arguing over POPPING A PIMPLE.

Apparently he had a nice, juicy one on his back and he wanted his wife to pop it.  She wouldn’t.  And their argument got so intense that someone called 911.

Fortunately, it didn’t wind up escalating to any violence, so after the cops calmed both of them down, they left without having to arrest either of them.

The police report doesn’t say whether the pimple wound up being popped.