Cruise News 9/13/18

What’s a guy to do on the ride to jail?

For a 25 year old Florida guy, it apparently was to ask to sing a Journey power anthem from 1981.

The case began when a County sheriff’s deputy stopped a pickup.

The man driving smelled of booze, had cases of beer in the back seat and empty cans in the truck bed. He said he’d had three or four beers at one point, then said six….maybe he meant cases, because he was arrested on a DUI charge after failing the field sobriety exercises.

“While en route to the jail he asked to listen to music,” the affidavit states. “He proceeded to sing to Don’t Stop Believin.”

After the journey to jail, his blood alcohol content measured more than three times the legal limit.

He and his truck went Separate Ways, while prison welcomes him with Open Arms, where he’ll get plenty of Lovin Touchin & Squeezin.