If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, the people who work at the deli counter at the grocery store have a pretty sweet gig, think of all the FREE MEAT they must get” . . . here’s the sobering reality.  Meat ain’t free.

There’s a 36-year-old woman who got a job behind the deli counter at a grocery store in Ohio about five years ago.

And every day, she’d shave herself off a little meat . . . approximately three to five slices a day.  She mostly went for ham, but sometimes she’d also get salami.

Anyway, a few slices a day over five years really adds up . . . and when her bosses found out what she was doing, they calculated she’d embezzled $9,200 WORTH of deli meat.

So . . . they fired her, and reported her to the police.

Now, she could be facing theft charges.

Where’s the evidence? What a lot of baloney …