Here’s why you should never accept a dare when you’ve been drinking.  No matter how innocent it seems, nothing good will come of it . . .

A lady in Austin, Texas was walking home from a bar with her friends on Saturday.  And one of them doubted whether she could run in the HIGH HEELS she was wearing.

So she broke into a full sprint to prove them wrong . . . ran into an intersection . . . and got hit by an SUV.

She ended up in the hospital and needed surgery.

But the driver of the SUV is facing a felony charge.  Not because he hit her, but because he left the scene of the accident.

He eventually came back.  But they arrested him for not stopping to render aid.

So ironically, if HE hadn’t tried to run, he might not have been charged at all.

TWO people who’s lives got worse from running.

That’s why I always say, the only reason you should EVER run…is if a bear is chasing you. No other reason makes sense to me.