People do crazy things when they get dumped.

For me, when I get dumped. It usually turns into cases of Natty Light & marathons of the tv show Charmed. I know. I go to a weird place.

But this is a new one.  A woman online claims she broke up with her boyfriend Monday night.  And he responded by . . . stealing her TOILET.

She went to bed while he was still packing up the last of his stuff.  And when she woke up, he was gone . . . along with the only toilet in her apartment.

She posted a photo of her bathroom.  And there’s just an open pipe in the floor where the toilet should be.

She says her old toilet broke a few months ago.  And instead of letting her landlord handle it, the boyfriend wanted to do it, because he works as a plumber.

She says that after she broke up with him, the first thing he said was, “I’m taking the [BLEEPING] toilet.”  But she didn’t think he was serious . . . because WHO DOES THAT?

Someone was supposed to come put in a new toilet for her yesterday.  But in the meantime, she’s using the bathroom at a Taco Bell down the street.