If you thought August was going to be a relief after this insanely hot summer, think again.  It’s bringing in a whole new summer enemy:  DRUNK, ANGRY WASPS.

This is the time of year when wasps go out looking for sweet fluids to drink . . . and they usually find some rotting, fermented fruit in garbage cans.

Experts say that at this time of year adult wasps are left with less food and nothing to do after their young have flown the nest.

A genetic trait in wasps’ short lives forces them to pursue alcoholic decaying fruit.

A ‘tight’ band around their abdomen stops them from eating a conventional diet in later life and they become hooked on sugar…like your average college freshman.

Since they’re tiny, even a sip is enough to get them HAMMERED.  And then they fly off, all drunk and angry and looking for people to sting.

On the bright side, this phase should only last for a few more weeks . . . but until then, if you see any wasps, just know they might be drunk and could have bad intentions.

The best thing about this story? I found it in “Popular Mechanics”.