Hey! We know the world isn’t in great shape at the moment.

Well, if you’re looking for a change, your prayers may have just been answered thanks to a mysterious cosmic event.

On Friday, the moon will turn a blood red colour and conspiracy theorist believe it will, bring about the end of the world!!! 

Of course it’s the Friday before payday!!!! Thanks!

According to a prolific YouTube preacher, the moon’s crimson shade may well be a sign of the second coming – or something like that.

He seems pretty sure that something big and apocalyptic is going to happen on Friday, which is annoying for anyone that had something planned for the weekend.

Yet this isn’t the first time that the blood red moon has been linked to doomsday only for nothing to come to fruition.

Theories about the unique eclipse began in 2013. As you may have noticed none of that actually happened as we are all still here, so there may be no need to cancel that BBQ or that trip to IKEA.

Although, you can never be certain, so if you want to go out today and spend your kids college fund on a new Corvette, I won’t blame ya!