A 2,000 year old sarcophagus was discovered at a construction site in Egypt last week.

And when archaeologists cracked it open, they found bones from three mummies inside, floating in a layer of red sewage water.

But now . . . there’s a petition online from people who want to DRINK that water.

The person who started the petition says, quote, “We need to drink the red liquid from the cursed dark sarcophagus in the form of some sort of carbonated energy drink, so we can assume its powers and finally die.”

The petition has over 16,000 signatures from people who say they want to drink the mummy juice.

While it’s common sense to not put liquid that dead warriors have been fermenting in for 2,000 years in your mouth, the petition’s creator isn’t convinced.

“Please stop trying to tell me the skeleton juice is mostly sewage,” they said in an update. “That’s impossible, everyone knows skeletons cannot poop.”

Seems reasonable.