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'A Hard Day's Night:' Great Soundtrack or Greatest Soundtrack?

A Hard Day's Night, the soundtrack to The Beatles film of the same name, was released 54 years ago today (July 10), and while it goes without saying that the soundtrack is one of the best of all time, could it, in fact, be the greatest?

Yes...that is quite the bold statement, but think about these facts:

  • The Beatles not only managed to make and star in a film at the height of Beatlemania, but at the same time, they managed to create a soundtrack that included new music.
  • That soundtrack also yielded three hit singles, with the title track going #1, and has sold over four million copies.
  • Great soundtracks are not just the soundtracks for films; they provide the soundtrack for moments in time.  Was there a better moment in music history than Beatlemania?

Whether you believe A Hard Day's Night is the best soundtrack or not, it's hard to fight its inherent magic and the joy it has brought to fans for decades.

The Making of A Hard Days Night

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