And for big fans of the ‘Batman’ comics, movies, or TV shows, this will get you excited. 

Ben Affleck was originally to direct his own ‘Batman’ film but chose to step down, and now Matt Reeves is at the helm. It had also been discussed that Ben may relinquish the Batman role as well, to someone like Jake Gyllenhaal, but that remains to be a rumor, especially since now it seems that Jake is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the next ‘Spider-Man’ Villain.

Apart from all of this – Justin Kroll, who writes for Variety, came into some insane information – naming the next potential direction when it comes to Batman villains:


So, we may potentially be seeing Oswald Cobblepot on the big screen! AKA, The Penguin! The question is – who do they get to play him? Would it be too much to ask to have Robin Lord Taylor fatsuit it up? He pretty much has it down for the TV show ‘Gotham’, and I can’t take watching Danny DeVito eating a raw fish again…

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