Here’s one way to keep people from getting all angry over a power outage.  Give them something WAY bigger as a distraction.

There was a power outage in the middle of the night on Sunday in Lake Worth, Florida.  And the city’s warning system automatically sent an alert to all of the cell phones in the city.

But the alert was about . . . a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

It said, quote, “Power outage and zombie alert for all residents of Lake Worth and Terminus.  There are now far less than 7,380 customers involved due to extreme zombie activity.”

Obviously there WASN’T a zombie apocalypse, just a 27-minute power outage.

The city says it must’ve been a prank . . . especially with “The Walking Dead” reference to “Terminus” in there . . . and they’re trying to figure out who got into their automatic text alerts to make it say that.

The worst part is, when there ACTUALLY IS a zombie apocalypse, people will think it’s a hoax! BRAAAAAINS!