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We all have a favorite go-to restaurant that we’re obsessed with. Imagine if you were so in love with an eating establishment that you actually named your child after the franchise. One Arkansas couple is planning to name their first child, Olivia Garton after the chain restaurant Olive Garden.

Justin and Jordan Garton fell in love with Olive Garden after they ate there daily for almost seven weeks. The couple from Fort Smith also noted to ABC News that they both grew up going out to dinner at the well-known Italian place.


The soon-to-be mom, Jordan told ABC News “I’m only the third generation on my dad’s side to be born in America. I just love Italian food and growing up in Arkansas that’s pretty much one of the only Italian places that we ever got to go.”

The couple purchased the “never-ending pasta pass” which allowed them to have unlimited pasta and Coca-Cola soft drinks. The pass was $100 and enabled the couple to go to Olive Garden every day in order to get food. The same year they purchased the pass, both Justin and Jordan got married.


Hilarious enough, the couple accidentally liked a first name that sounds similar to Olive. Plus too, the couple already had the perfect last name!


The father, Justin tweeted out the baby’s onesie which looks similar to the Olive Garden’s logo. The tweet stated, “We spent the first part of our lives loving Olive Garden, now we spend the rest of our lives loving Olivia Garton”.

A spokesperson for the company is planning on sending the couple a surprise for when Olivia arrives in December.


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