Today, June 2, may be the most delicious day on the planet! Each year, doughnut shops around the nation take part in National Doughnut Day.

Some places hand out free sweets, while others may give pastry perks. In order to get you prepared for the day, here are 10 facts you may not have known about doughnuts.


  1. There is no known history of the origin of the doughnut. According to PBS, “most accounts point to the Dutch ‘olukoek,’ literally meaning ‘oily cake’.” It is believed that out Dutch ancestors brought the treat to America in the 17th century. Since then, America has run on doughnuts!

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  1. Ever wonder which state has the most doughnut shops? It’s Boston, MA! The Huffington Post states that there are “250 total, which is the equivalent to one per every 2,480 people.” That is a whole ‘lot of sugar!
  1. There are approximately over 10 billion doughnuts made in the United States each year. Mental Floss reports that Canada “produces fewer” than American, but has “the most doughnuts shops per capita of any country in the world.”

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  1. Even though we may not know how doughnuts became to be, we do know when National Doughnut Day started! PBS states that “its origins go back to 1938. The Salvation Army would sell doughnuts and use the proceeds to help soldiers. However, today, it is more of an excuse to nab a free treat.

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  1. Doughnuts are well known for their hole in the center. That legendary trademark started due to Hanson Crockett Gregory, a New England sailor born in 1832 says PBS. Gregory would often receive the treats from his mom, but there was only one problem. The center of the treat was always raw! In order to make sure it was fully cooked, he decided to fix the issue by adding the hole in the middle.

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  1. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author, Washington Irving, was the first person to talk about doughnuts in text. Mental Floss reported that he wrote “balls of sweetened dough, friend in hog’s fat, and called doughnuts or olykoeks.”
  1. If we are discussing doughnuts, we need to mention Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon! They are known for making bizarre concoctions of the historical treat. Some of them include NyQuil and even Pepto Bismo. However, both these medicine flavored doughnuts did not last long on the shelf. The FDA did not approve!

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  1. There are people in the world who share the same name as the dessert! According to the Huffington Post, there are “around 10 as of 2011.” Wonder if they are just as sweet?!

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  1. At Brown University, there is a Naked Donut Run. According to the Brown Daily Herald “it is held at the end of each semester during finals in which naked students hand out doughnuts to their peers studying for exams in the library.” What an interesting way to avoid getting stressed!
  1. In order for Renee Zellweger to gain weight for her role in Bridget Jones, she claims to have eaten 20 doughnuts. Mental Floss also states that she also at “a Big Mac and chips, potatoes swimming in butter, pizza, milkshakes, and 20 doughnuts.” Not too different from my diet!


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