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Describing Mom In 5 Words

Mother's Day is just two days away. 

You are trying to find the words to write in a card to hand your mother on Sunday. But your pen is slowly dying and you're on a train back home to see her.

You have just enough ink to write five words that describe mom. What would you say? Is she caring? Thoughtful? Loving? The best woman on earth?

Twitter users are posting their thoughts with the trending hashtag, #MomIn5Words. Do any of these speak to your mom?

Izaya__ on Twitter

MomIn5Words Someone I can't repay back

أديـن هـورمـان ?? on Twitter

MomIn5Words the strongest woman I know .. https://t.co/K0tCbljAuq

Faith on Twitter

MomIn5Words My mom is still Superwoman?

Ziggy on Twitter

Best moms lead by example #MomIn5Words @midnight

Brushing Off on Twitter

The First Human Seat Belt... #MomIn5Words

Jenzy Jen Jenzinita on Twitter

MomIn5Words Held my hand during chemo ❤️ @midnight Love you, Mom!

BG on Twitter

@bananighosh Mother is Home and Happiness. #momin5words

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