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Could Your Gluten-Free Diet Actually Be Bad For You?

In recent years, a gluten-free diet has become increasingly popular.

It seems like everyone I know is gluten-free. It is common belief that a gluten-free diet is healthier for your body, but that might not be true.

According to Daily Mail, "Those going gluten-free have double the amount of arsenic - a known cause of cancer - in their body, scientists found. While traces of mercury - another deadly chemical - are almost 70 per cent greater, expert claim." The higher levels of arsenic and mercury are believed to come from rice flour, used in gluten-free bread and spaghetti, which is a substitute for wheat.

Daily Mail says, "But rice is known to contain up to ten times more arsenic than other foods due to the way it was grown. Generally, brown rice has higher levels because the arsenic is found in the outer coating or bran, which is removed in the milling process to produce white rice." So be careful if you've recently changed your diet to gluten-free.

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