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If You’re Addicted To Caffeine, You’ll Want To Read This

If you've ever dreamed of having an IV coffee drip, you may be in luck.

There's a new bracelet quickly gaining popularity with coffee drinkers.

According to Business Insider, the bracelet is called 'Perk," and provides people with a steady flow of caffeine over a four hour period.

The bracelet, which is made by Beyond Nature, releases caffeine into your skin via a patch.

Results seem to vary, but it does appear a slow release of caffeine over a few hours helps prevent the extremely tired feeling you have when you need another cup of coffee.

Would you try it, or would you rather stick with your good 'ole cup of joe?

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I tried the caffeine bracelet that promises to be the next best thing to a coffee IV drip https://t.co/1XU5suJfAQ

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