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10 Of The Best Costume Designs - Oscar Winners!

If there's one notion we can stand behind, it's that some of the costume designs for movies actually MAKE the movie what it is. 

This is why we decided to highlight past costume design winners who blew us away with their choices, creating a whole new world of imagery for us to engulf ourselves in.


10. The Artist, Mark Bridges

Though everything was in black and white, everything was picked for perfect contrast, which is important for a monochrome film.


9. Alice In Wonderland, Colleen Atwood

The detail on the costumes for Alice In Wonderland had to be extremely hard to make, especially with outfits like The Mad Hatter's.


8. Shakespeare In Love, Sandy Powell

The classic Shakespearean costume designs were all the rage at that time frame, and of course, inspire anyone who ever liked that period of time.


7. Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King, Nglia Dickson & Richard Taylor

The detail, all the way down to rips, tears, and more were important for costume design for Lord Of The Rings. This was not one of those "wear and look pretty" situations.


6. Moulin Rouge!, Catherine Martin & Angus Strathie

The risque burlesque fantasies that came from these costume designs were purely Baz Lurhmann's thoughts brought to life. The pop and pizazz were extremely important to pull off the scenes.


5. Titanic, Deborah Lynn Scott

The scene where Rose is walking down the staircase to meet jack, that's everything.


4. Chicago, Colleen Atwood

Another form of a burlesque look, Velma and Roxie had to be outfitted in simply the best. But also, keep in mind, Richard Gere's part, as well as Queen Latifah's had multiple costume changes, which would bring them from scene to performance scene, and that was an important difference to make.


3. The Grand Budapest Hotel, Melena Canonero

It's hard to live up to any colorization of a Wes Anderson film, especially The Grand Budapest Hotel. The pastels in this movie were INSANE and you had to come up with just the right color comparison to make it even more accurate. Also, the villains in the movie had the best costumes ever (not pictured).

2. The Great Gatsby, Catherine Martin

The roaring twenties. How we love the flapper dresses and decadent tuxes. Even more so, the other scenes reflected the time period so well between Daisy and Jay Gatsby, and their clothes would change with the mood set to the scenes of the film perfectly.


1. Marie Antoinette, Milena Canorero

There are two things you can hail this Marie Antoinette film for: Great soundtrack and Great Costumes.  Pulling off a period film with insane pastels somehow mixes Shakespeare In Love and The Grand Budapest Hotel with just a hint of any Baz Luhrmann film, which is why it ranks at the number one spot. Too bad the movie didn't live up to the costume hype.


Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

Here are the nominees for the Best Costume Design for this year's movies:

Carol, Sandy Powell

Cinderella, Sandy Powell

The Danish Girl, Paco Delgado

Mad Max: Fury Road, Jenny Beavan

The Revenant, Jacqueline West


Don't forget to tune in on Sunday to find out who wins!


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