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About Afternoons with Dave Cruise

10 things to know about Dave Cruise:

1.) I get fired a lot. By the time you read this, I may not even work here anymore.

2.) My 2 favorite people in the world are my niece Ellie & my nephew Joey.

3.) My dog Indy was named on-air by Ben-Fm listeners back in 2007. (Hendrix & Harley were the other name finalists)

4.) I will, one day, marry Kate Beckinsale. (How long do restraining orders last?)

5.) My favorite number is “eleventeen”.

6.) My favorite color is “clear”.

7.) Personal motto, “you don’t have to run faster than the bear, just run faster than someone ELSE the bear is chasing.”

8.) I can make minute rice in 58 seconds.

9.) I’m not good at counting. That’s 10 things about me! Right?

10.) Ok., one more. Condiments are awful. YUCK! Everything should be eaten PLAIN! I have spoken.

10 things to know about Indy:


2.) Used to love chasing bunnies, until he realized they are too fast. Sooooo…

3.) Now, he chases groundhogs. They are fat & slow.

4.) His favorite food is … whatever YOU are eating.


6.) Once jumped off a 2nd floor balcony. This prompted this reaction from my neighbor, “Indy isn’t the brightest dog in the world, he IS the sweetest though!” (My neighbor is from Wales, so please read that quote with a British accent. It’s more fun that way.)

7.) Indy learned to swim by jumping in the fountains across from the Art Museum steps.

8.) Loves to lie on the floor wherever he is most likely to get stepped on.

9.) Indy doesn’t fetch. If you’re dumb enough to throw a ball way over there, YOU should go get it!

10.) Indy knows 6 words…and doesn’t obey ANY of them.