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Turkey's Done - Filming in Philly this Fall - Philly Writers share the back-story

 A couple of fun South Philly chicks sharing their passion for film-making with Marilyn - Meet Monique Impagliazzo and Krystal Tini, featured guests on this podcast. They'll be back in town soon to begin production on their new comedic short film, “TURKEY’S DONE” - YES, they film all their projects in their home town -…
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Christine Tarlecki - Pottstown FirkinFest

 What IS a FirkinFest?  Just know that you want to taste one, or two, or three! Marilyn's guest and co-coordinator of this weekend's event, Christine Tarlecki explains it all!  Listen and learn Phoenix Festival Productions is proud to announce a new VIP craft-brewing event to complement the successful Pottstown Brew Fest (fall event)– to be…
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Dr. Jo Anne White

Meet Dr. Jo Anne White, Ph.D, an International Award-Winning Bestselling Author and Speaker, Certified Professional Coach and Energy Master. Marilyn spoke to Dr. White about her early career and experiences as a special education teacher back in the mid-70's when the federal laws were passed mandating a public school education for all children, regardless of…
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