Chef Deb From Boardwalk Cupcakes

She's making some very special cupcakes for the upcoming AC Food and Wine Festival and YOU will want to try them...tune in to learn more...tix at

While her cupcakes will rock your world, Chef Deb Pellegrino also bakes for nearly 35 restaurants (Ceasar's properties) and has a team of 21 pastry chefs under her.

Boardwalk Cupcakes is her newest endeavor and features unique flavors of homemade desserts including the maple flavored Pig Tails cupcake with butterscotch icing and crispy bacon and the Velvet Elvis — a banana cupcake with peanut butter and jelly icing that "looks like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" on top. And there's an over-21 selection as well...little bit of alcohol in a cupcake never hurt anyone, right?