Marilyn And Donnie's Big Game Prop Bets

The winner of the prop bets gets to write something really nice about themselves that the other will have to read aloud on-air. Should be entertaining!

Here is the list:

  1. Times "deflated balls" are mentioned. Over/Under 5
    (Marilyn-over. Donnie-under)

  2. Belichik's hoodie color.
    (Marilyn-navy blue. Donnie-grey)

  3. Will Katy Perry "Kiss a Girl?"
    (Marilyn-no. Donnie-yes)

  4. Lenny Kravitz - scarf?
    (Marilyn-yes. Donnie-no)

  5. Idina Menzel - National Anthem time - Over/under 2 minutes.
    (Marilyn-over. Donnie-under)

  6. Times Gisele is shown. over/under 2.5
    (Marilyn-over. Donnie-under)

  7. Color of Katy Perry's hair.
    (Marilyn-purple. Donnie-black)

  8. Color of Gatorade poured on coach.
    (Marilyn-orange. Donnie-yellow/lime)

  9. Who wins?
    (Marilyn-Seattle. Donnie-New England)

  10. Who will MVP thank first?
    (Marilyn-fans. Donnie-God)

Tie Breaker: Coin Toss
(Marilyn-heads. Donnie-tails)