Do YOU Listen To BEN Near Warren Township, NJ?

As a loyal listener to BEN-FM living near Warren Township, New Jersey, we want to tell you about possible interference with your ability to listen to BEN at home. An application for another radio signal (planned for 95.9 FM to be based in Warren Township) is before the Federal Communications Commission for approval.

This new signal would interfere with your ability to listen to BEN-FM!

To prevent approval of this application, we need your help. If you listen to 95.7 BEN-FM at home and you live in one of these ZIP code areas:












please send us an email to with the subject line "BEN-FM Near Warren Township" and the following text:

My name is ____________. I live at (address, town, state, zip). I regularly listen to the over-the-air signal of commercial station WBEN-FM, 95.7, licensed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at this address.

<Your Name>

<Your Email Address>

Your response will be part of our petition to the FCC, and there is a chance the applicant will contact you to verify that you listen to BEN-FM. Just tell them what you told us in your email.

Unfortunately, time is short for this, and to be effective we really need your response as soon as possible, even today if possible.

We appreciate your help in keeping 95.7 BEN-FM interference-free in your area!


Best regards,

Chuck Damico

Program Director 95.7 BEN-FM